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hi i'm arianna (from italy) and i love queen taylor swift a lot bye

Red Tour Acoustic - Special Vocals (1/2)
Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: Live on Red Tour
Playcount: 7,493 plays


Ok, so several people requested things like this. This is basically a collection from Taylor’s acoustic Red Tour performances twhen she changed the melody a bit or sung vocals differently from the CD version. It also has some of her best vocals. (note: I know I have like tons of messages to reply to, but I’ll get to them I promise, and likewise for the requests :) ).

Songs included:

- I Almost Do (March 13, Omaha, NE)

- Should’ve Said No (March 18, St. Louis, MO)

- Cold As You (March 19, St. Louis, MO)

- Forever & Always (March 23, Columbia, SC)

- The Story Of Us (March 28, Newark, NJ)

- You’re Not Sorry (March 29, Newark, NJ)

- Today Was a Fairytale (April 10, Miami, FL)

- Our Song (April 12, Orlando, FL)

- Should’ve Said No (April 18, Atlanta, GA)

- Mine (April 26, Indianapolis, IN)

- Fearless (May 16, Houston, TX)

- Safe and Sound (May 21, Austin, TX)

- Teardrops On My Guitar (May 22, San Antonio TX)

- Haunted (May 28, Glendale, AZ)

- Enchanted (June 2, Denver, CO)

- Highway Don’t Care (June 15, Toronto)

- Teardrops on My Guitar (June, 22, Winnipeg)

- Long Live (June, 29, Vancouver)
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